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We Won’t Sugarcoat It: A Sex Offense Charge Can Change Your Life

At Vazquez Law Firm PLLC, our lawyers always tell it like it is, and when it comes to sex crimes, you need to know that even if the charges are dropped or you are acquitted, your life may never be the same. An arrest alone can damage your personal and professional reputation. This is a daunting reality, and you will need a Texas defense attorney who is prepared to fight hard from day one.

Attorneys Amber Vazquez and Megan Roper have 30 collective years of experience and are ready to build the strongest defense possible for you. Clients throughout the Austin area rely on them for their thorough preparation and relentlessness in their approaches that includes meticulously investigating every aspect of the alleged crime and digging up all the evidence. If they find a single weakness in the case against you or the slightest instance of law enforcement error or wrongdoing, they will try to get the evidence suppressed and the case dismissed, if possible.

The Sex Charge Defense You Need Now

Attorneys Vazquez and Roper are two of the most successful defense lawyers in the Austin area. Amber Vazquez has even been heralded as the “Queen of Acquittals” by Texas Monthly magazine. In addition, she is board-certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in criminal law, which means that she is considered an expert in criminal cases. She and attorney Roper have dedicated their careers to helping people in difficult circumstances find a way forward.

You can come to our team for tough defense against any sex crime charge, including:

  • Indecent assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Online solicitation
  • Revenge porn
  • Child porn
  • Rape
  • Sex trafficking

Penalties for these types of charges can range from fines and community service to jail and prison sentences. Our experienced lawyers will fight hard to minimize any penalties you’re facing.

Sex Offenses Involving Children

These cases are especially complex and sensitive; your attorney must have extensive experience in this area of criminal defense. Our lawyers have handled hundreds of cases like these, such as sexual assault of a child, indecency with a child and child pornography. They know that sometimes, children lie about being assaulted, often when one parent has told them to say that their other parent hurt them. Our attorneys know how to investigate these instances and what types of expert witnesses to bring on board to get to the truth.

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